3D Print Collapsible Sword

Top 7 3D Print Collapsible Sword and Lightsabers with STL Files

One of the coolest 3D printable files is a fully retractable and extendable sword. The concept is intriguing – after printing the file in one piece, the sword can be extended entirely, showcasing the novelty and creativity of 3D printing.

Collapsing Katana with Removable Blade

This is a collapsing Katana sword designed to be printed as one part. Its only 182mm high when printed but expands to over 825mm in total length! The sword is designed to be printed with a ,4mm nozzle, the blade will be two shells thick.

The files for this design are provided by @3DPrintingWorld and can be downloaded from Thangs.

Filament recommended: Kingroon Black PLA filaments

3D Print Collapsible Sword

Darth Vader's Lightsaber

There are also other noteworthy files available, such as Darth Vader's lightsaber. What's particularly interesting about these lightsaber files is that the parts are designed in multiple pieces. For instance, the lightsaber base consists of two parts that can be easily screwed together. Additionally, the actual blade component can be printed separately, allowing for customization.

You can choose your preferred blade color and print it separately, enabling creative combinations. Moreover, the files allow for printing each blade individually, facilitating effects like a rainbow pattern.

They provide some printing details, mentioning a layer height of 0.2 millimeters, 10 percent infill, and a printing speed of 60 millimeters per second.

Designed by @3DPrintingWorld, available on Thangs.

Filament recommended: Kingroon PLA filaments

Collapsing Master Sword

Unlike the Print-N-Place version, the pommel on the hilt of this Master Sword is threaded which allows the blade to be printed separately and inserted. The assembled hilt is 250mm long but the blade extends to a length of 870mm long in total!

Design from @3DPrintingWorld, available on Printables.
Filament recommended: Kingroon PLA filaments

PLA filament
18hr 13mins print time
X:246 Y:180 Z:213mm
.2mm layer / .4mm nozzle
6% Infill / 6mm retract
210C / 60C

Printing collapsible lightsabers and swords

Collapsing Drill Sword (Print-in-Place)

This version of the Drill Sword prints complete all as one part designed by @3DPrintingWorld, available on THANGS.

Filament recommended: Kingroon Silk Rainbow PLA filaments

Collapsing Drill Sword (Print-in-Place)

Curved Collapsing Dagger

All the collapsing daggers out there are straight, here's a curved one designed in solidworks.

Model design from @the_qsr, available to download on Thingiverse.
Filament recommended: Kingroon Blue / Orange PLA filaments

PLA Filament
14hr 58mins
X:20 Y:150 Z:558mm
0.2mm layer / 0.4mm nozzle
10% Infill / 1mm retract
210C / 60C

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