FLSUN V400, High Speed Print Delta Klipper 3D Printer

FLSUN V400, High Speed Print Delta Klipper 3D Printer

Delta 3D printers are some of my favorite machines to watch. The way they use three axes to triangulate the position of the printhead with extreme speed and precision is mesmerizing. When it comes to Delta machines, FLSUN has made some of my favorites.

The Flsun V400 boasts a larger build volume compared to the SR, reaching up to 300mm in diameter and 410mm in height. The machine itself is notably big. Flsun V400 is particularly praised for its print speed of up to 400mm/s, a notable feature that stands out. Along with its impressive speed, it boasts some cool features, including a direct drive lightweight extruder, volcano-style hot end, auto mesh bed leveling, removable PEI-coated bed, carbon fiber rods, and seven-inch touchscreen - "speeder pad." Flsun Speeder Pad houses a single-board computer running the Klipper firmware and hosting the Mainsail UI. The setup is super easy.

Flsun Speeder Pad, having Klipper firmware pre-configured out of the box significantly reduces the barrier to entry. The Mainsail UI provides a wealth of information that incredibly helpful. With this dashboard open on a second monitor, you can monitor every aspect of your print without having to constantly hover around the printer. The inclusion of full-size USB slots eliminates the need for micro SD cards, streamlining the printing process. Additionally, the printer features Wi-Fi capability.

One standout feature is the direct drive extruder setup on Flsun V400, addressing a previous gripe with the SR's Bowden tube setup. This direct drive extruder operates quietly, good for more filaments print, like flexible filament TPU. The overall design and build of the printer appear well-executed, from packaging to mounting locations for legs, thick carbon fiber rods, and thoughtful details like a backlit logo.

Flsun V400 3D Printer Review

The V400 introduces an extruder light, a seemingly small yet valuable addition that aids in observing the first layer without the need for an external flashlight. LED strips on each arm provide ample illumination around the nozzle. The printer is also equipped with an accelerometer, offering potential benefits for input shaping, though this could be seen as a minor upgrade for users comfortable with Linux and Python programming.

Flsun V400 has a spring steel PEI-coated sheet build surface, held securely by magnets. This surface allows prints to adhere well and be easily removed. The heated build plate is rated up to 110 degrees Celsius, while the bi-metal hot end can handle temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. The printer includes a filament run-out sensor that has been tested and functions as intended.

Flsun V400 3D printer

Another notable feature of Flsun Speeder Pad is the ability to directly plug a decent-quality webcam into the Speeder Pad for time lapses and print monitoring. In contrast, the Bambu Labs P1P camera module falls short, being borderline unusable even for print monitoring at 720p and half a frame per second.

In conclusion, the Flsun V400 appears to be a well-built and feature-rich 3D printer, addressing previous concerns while introducing innovative elements that enhance the user experience. The printer's larger build volume, high print speed, and thoughtful design make it a compelling choice for enthusiasts seeking advanced functionality and performance.

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Tuto tiskárnu mám rok a je skvělá. Měl jsem Prusů MK3, ale to bylo dost děsný, pomalá, stále potíže s extruderem, pořád dělat kalibrace atd . Flsun pouzivam jak PLA, tak PETG i TPU a vše OK. Je pravda, že jsem si udelal box s termostatem atd. Je to už dražšími tiskárna nyní asi 700USD, ale pořád o dost levnější než 3D Průša. Takže doporučuji.

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