Artillery SW-X4 Plus Review

Artillery SW-X4 Plus Review

Introducing the Artillery Sidewinder X4 Plus, a high-quality Cartesian-style Klipper based 3D printere. This printer boasts a generous build volume of 300x300x400mm, making it suitable for printing large-scale models, like helmet, with ease.

Artillery SW-X4 Plus is impressively large, taking up considerable width on the bench with approximately 24 inches. In terms of depth, including the Y-axis travel, it extends to about 29 inches.

Pros & Cons of Artillery SW-X4 Plus

1. Stout linear rails on Y-axis (two) and X-axis (one) for smooth operation.
2. Vibrant and responsive touchscreen interface.
3. LED lighting for better visibility of the work area.
4. Dual Z-axis separate motors for improved stability.
5. Spring steel PEI sheet for better adhesion.
6. Z-stabilization rods to maintain Gantry stiffness.
7. Good cable management and strain relief on the heated bed.
8. Automatic cleaning of the nozzle before each print, a unique feature.

1. Reliance on timing belt for Z-axis movement instead of independent motors.
2. Lack of a wheel for filament unclogging, only option is pulling and pressing.
3. Tension adjustment requires an Allen key, which may be inconvenient.
4. Unnecessary leveling knobs despite the presence of linear rails, leading to redundancy and clutter.

Overall, the SW-X4 Plus offers several advanced features such as automatic nozzle cleaning and robust construction with linear rails but has some drawbacks like the absence of filament unclogging wheel and unnecessary leveling knobs, which may affect user experience and convenience.

Artillery Sidewinder X4 Plus Features

1.Up to 500mm/s Maximum Print speed

2.300x300x400 Print Volume

3.300c All Metal Hotend

4.Linear Rails on the X and Y axis

5.4.3in Touch Screen

6.64bit 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor

7.All Metal Direct Drive Extruder

8.Runs Klipper

9.121 Point Bed Leveling

Artillery SW-X4 Plus Prices

The Artillery SW-X4 Plus is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a large format printer. Compared to its competitors, the Creality K1 Max and the Comgrow T500, Artillery SW-X4 Plus offers a more affordable option, at 430USD. The Creality K1 Max selling at 899USD, $470 more expensive. With the savings from choosing the Artillery SW-X4 Plus, you could even purchase two machines and double your output capacity. Consider the Artillery SW-X4 Plus for its value and efficiency in large-scale printing projects.

While at the price of $430, Artillery SW-X4 Plus also have many competitive competitors. For $130 cheaper, you can get the Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus, which has 320 x 320 x 400 mm print volumn. Also, you could get high-speed printer like Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus at 340USD, which is a little bit shorter on hight, with print volumn of 320 x 320 x 385mm. It gets you pretty much the same results for much cheaper price, and it's going to be a little bit more reliable.

Motion System

The motion system of this printer is robust, utilizing a single motor each for the X and Y axis, while employing dual motors for the Z-axis to drive the screws, facilitated by a linked belt mechanism at the top. Notably, the machine features a linear rail design, incorporating a 15mm linear rail for the X-axis, and dual 15mm linear rails for the Y-axis. Additionally, the Z-axis travels on V wheels, enhancing stability and precision during operation.

Auto Z Offset

The Auto Z offset feature on the SW-X4 Plus is a crucial addition to modern 3D printers, and its significance cannot be overstated. In the realm of 3D printing, Z offset refers to the distance between the printer's nozzle and the build plate. This distance plays a pivotal role in determining the adhesion level of the filament to the build plate during printing. If the Z offset is too high, the filament fails to adhere properly, resulting in failed prints or poor quality. Conversely, if the Z offset is too low, it can lead to issues like elephant's foot or excessive filament squishing, creating a messy print.

For many new users of 3D printers, determining the correct Z offset for optimal print quality can be a significant challenge and source of frustration. This initial hurdle often leads to wasted time and materials as users experiment with different Z offset settings to achieve the desired results.

The Auto Z offset feature addresses this challenge by automating the process of adjusting the Z offset. With this feature, the printer can precisely determine the optimal Z offset for each print job, ensuring proper filament adhesion and improving overall print quality. By eliminating the need for manual adjustment and guesswork, Auto Z offset streamlines the printing process and enhances the user experience, particularly for beginners.

Given its importance in achieving successful 3D prints consistently, the Auto Z offset feature has become increasingly prevalent in modern 3D printers. Its inclusion in the SW-X4 Plus underscores the commitment to providing users with advanced features that simplify the printing process and yield superior results. In conclusion, Auto Z offset is a critical feature that has become a standard necessity in today's 3D printing technology, contributing significantly to the accessibility and usability of 3D printers for users of all skill levels.

In Conclusion

I'll be honest, there's nothing impressive about this printer compared to other things on the market. If you got it, I think you would like it after a little bit of calibrating and dialing in. There's nothing bad or seems like that's going to break on it. It is very good build quality. But I just think there's better options on the market right now.

I'm just not the happiest with it. It isn't a bad way to spend $430, but with things like the Elegoo Neptune 3S and the Ender 3 S1 Plus and other printers that are about this same size, I'd be more inclined to go with those. But what do you guys think? If you have an Artillery SW-X4 Plus, or you are in the market for this?

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